About this brochure***

Germany is a great place for research. Become part of a large international research community and benefit from various funding opportunities for international researchers!

We have compiled this brochure to help you find the right program to finance your research stay as a PhD student, postdoc or senior researcher. It contains a selection of the most important funding opportunities and information about how and where you can apply.

The tables at the beginning of our brochure allow you to gain an overview of the funding programs that best match your needs. At the end of the brochure, you will find a convenient list of all the funding organizations and their programs together in one place.

Links take you to additional information about the programs or to application websites. Please check there on the details of the application procedure.

Bear in mind that there are many more funding opportunities for your research stay, e.g. programs that are for researchers in specific fields or only support a few individuals. Take a look at the databases at the end of this brochure to learn more.

For additional information, we recommend you contact the respective funding organization.

We wish you every success!

Details of all programs are also available online:

***related brochure can be downloaded here: DAAD_RIG_Funding_2021_22


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