Prof. Dr. Haluk Savaş


The Symbol of Hope: Prof. Dr. Haluk Savaş

He was one of the “Academics at Risk”. Nobody could label him with a specific narrow-minded political view.

He was leftist enough to be a CHP deputy candidate, daring enough to protect and support KHK (decree law) victims and brave enough to be able to resist the cruelty and injustice,  ” a lover of justice” who always struggled to eliminate the injustice.

In the words of his wife: “He was a lover of humanity who is sensitive enough to be able to say “ I wish I could heat some other helpless people’s hand with the warmth of mine” They fired him by decree law (KHK). They imprisoned him. He got cancer there, No government officials even cared.

They did not even give his passport to be able to continue his treatment abroad. When they finally gave his passport back, it was too late. He passed away a few days ago, leaving behind a marvelous struggle for freedom and justice. His wife, children, friends and his patients are left behind full of sorrow.

On the following pages you will find his lines. Rest in Peace Haluk Savaş!

A short documentary about the violations of rights experienced by  Prof Dr Haluk Savaş in 4 years has been published by KHKTeleviyzonu.

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