Medical Sciences

Academics at Risk Platform
Medical Sciences Working Group

The Medical Sciences Working Group operating within the Academics At Risk Platform framework is a working group composed of academicians with a master’s degree and higher education in the field of medicine.

The purpose of this working group is to bring together the academicians in medicine around a table, provide experience sharing, and supply the necessary support after determining the needs for integration into academic life.

Our study group consists of academics who currently hold fellowships and scholarships from various institutions such as Scholar Rescue Fund, Philipp Schwartz-Initiative, and Volkswagen Stiftung amongst universities and research foundations throughout Germany.
Our working group provides voluntary support to academicians and academician candidates whose academic freedoms have been usurped in their countries on the following topics.

* Consulting on diploma equivalences and operations
*Consultancy for Phillip Schwartz, Scholar Rescue Fund, and Volkswagen Stiftung scholarship applications
*Voluntary guidance and counseling for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students in the process of their academic studies
*Providing discipline-based networking for academics who want to write academic articles
* Organizing academic seminars, workshops, and congresses in accordance with needs and demands

We invite academicians from all over the world to the Medical Sciences Working Group.

Candidates of academicians and academicians who want to participate in

They simply need to send their requests with their academic CV to our e-mail address.

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