Prof.Dr.Zekeriya Aktürk:

As a suspect of terrorism, I spent 14 months in prison, but I have seen no single terrorist

In this video, I convey my observations about 13 people I was imprisoned together. In Erzurum Şükrüpaşa H-type Prison, I-6 ward, we were 14 people in a place planned for 6. I spent 14 months in prison in two different wards. I can list the common features of over 30 people I stay with as follows: – Educated, – Religious, – Motherland-nation lover, – Hating terrorism. Worse, those who reported these people and put them in prison were their relatives, colleagues, and neighbors they trusted. A friend and his wife (whose wife was also purged), visited the couple who had slendered them a week before their arrest and congratulated for their newborn baby by attaching a piece of gold. How can one do this to his neighbor who trusted him?