Religious Sciences and Theology

Religious Sciences and Theology

Working Group for Business and Economics Disciplines
In our working group, there are academicians who work in the disciplines of Religious Sciences and Theology.

The main purpose of the Working Group is to enable academicians in related disciplines to share their knowledge and experience and to create a basis for them to conduct scientific research in institutions in their countries and regions.

For this reason, we invite academicians (from all over the world, especially in Germany) working in the disciplines of Religious Sciences and Theology to join our working group.

With the help of contributions and efforts of the participating academicians, it is aimed;

to write projects,
to apply for association and foundation scholarships,
to apply to institutions and organizations that support academic activities,
to conduct local academic research,
to write and to publish academic articles,
to organize academic acquaintance programs,
to provide academic consultancy and to prepare reports upon request,
to provide voluntary guidance and counseling to undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students during their academic studies,
to prepare academic journals,
to hold disciplinary conferences, workshops and seminars.

We care about and support participating academicians to continue their studies independently and freely.

To participate in our disciplinary work, you can contact us with sending your resume at the following e-mail address;

Your personal information is protected under the DSGVO (Die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung / General Data Protection Regulation) and BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz / Federal Data Protection Act).

Academics at Risk e.V.

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