Linguistics and Literature

Linguistics and Literature

Our working group is one of the specialized groups operating within Academics at Risk.

The aim of our group is to bring together academics specialized in the field of language and literature; to create a basis for the sharing of their knowledge and experience, to guide academics who want to continue their academic studies in this field and to implement academic activities related to the field.

Our group, which started its first studies by bringing together academics in Germany, plans to get in touch with colleagues in different geographies of the world in the coming days and continue its academic studies.

Our group, which believes that knowledge and experience increase as they are shared and that negotiations open doors to new horizons, prepares the environment for new studies and projects by bringing together academics working in this field on a common ground.

Our group, which plans to contribute to the studies on the field in this geography and to establish contact with academicians, aims to create an academic working environment by encouraging and supporting colleagues who want to do academic work.

Today, our experts from different universities and countries have significant experience and equipment related to their specializations. Our group, which is aware of the mentioned potential, creates the basis for new projects and studies by sharing their experiences as well as discussing the activities that can be carried out in this geography for the future.

Our group, which will launch an academic journal that can address the whole Turkic world in the coming days, plans to organize seminars, workshops and symposiums, and will continue its academic activities with different projects related to language and literature.

Academics who want to do academic work and who are interested in taking part in our projects will find the academic environment they want in our group.

To participate in our work, you can contact us at the e-mail address below with your academic CV;

Academics at Risk e.V.

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