Quantitative sciences

Natural Sciences Working Group


Natural Sciences Working Group operating under Academicsatrisk; It is a working group composed of people who have worked/ been working as an academician in natural and mathematical sciences of Basic Sciences in general and have master’s and higher education. The aim of this working group is to bring academicians together in fields such as physics, chemistry and biology, to share experiences, and to support academics who need help in applying for scholarships. Within the group, there are people who have received Phillip Schwartz, Volkswagen Scholarships and worked in academic positions at universities in Germany. We offer voluntary support to academics and academic candidates in Germany and other countries at risk in the following topics.

  • Advising on diploma equivalencies and related procedures.
  • Advising on Phillip Schwartz, Scholar Rescue Fund and Volkswagen Scholarship applications and processes.
  • To support and guide students during their master and doctorate education as well as research processes.
  • To enable academicians working in naturalsciences to contact other disciplines in case they need it.

We invite academicians from all over the world to the Natural Sciences Working Group. It is sufficient for the academicians who want to participate to send their requests with a short CV to the given e-mail address


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