Power seeking governments and leaders want to control scholars’  independent contributions and their interaction with the public. They try to restrict academic freedom. Academics at Risk and its networks are committed to protecting the academics at risk to prevent the governments’ attacks and to advocate academic freedom.

Academics at Risk:

  • is an international network of volunteer individuals whose mission is to protect scholars.
  • wants to offer protection to scholars, that their ideas are not lost.
  • wants also to provide advisory services for scholars for those who imprisoned or silenced in their home countries.
  • wants to create a global awareness to help scholars and promote academic freedom.
  • aims to arrange a series of workshops to provide an open forum for scholars from around the world to share experience, discuss critical issues, academic freedom and the challenges faced, and to develop joint responses.
  • aims at protecting scholars and preventing future violations to raise awareness around the world.
  • wants to show roads to scholars to develop research and advocacy skills.
  • wants to work together with other NGO’s to help scholars and to develop new strategies.
  • wants to promote academic cooperation between relevant institutions and scholars.
  • wants to help scholars to improve their difficulties in their home countries.